About Us

Torquay as the quaint seaside town in Devon is flanked by the English Channel on the south western fringe of England.

Although a thriving resort town, there are many people out there who are not so aware of the magnificence of this historic town. At PALACE TORQUAY, we are here for helping out the tourists who want to explore the world’s lesser known places and get the rawest essence.

Torquay is our home and we as a non-profit organization try our best to promote a sustainable travel experience here.

From the beautiful beaches like Babbacombe to the Cliffside rugged landscape of Oddicombe – we are well acquainted with the nooks and corners of the town and so will you after you have a trip here.

  • At Palace Torquay, we are a group of local inhabitants from Torquay and our non-profit organization seeks to acquaint you, the tourists with the natural aspects as well as the native flora and fauna. We know each street, each shop, each restaurant and each natural attraction around the town and beyond. We offer valuable information about those places and help in creating a tailored itinerary so that you never miss out any attraction or return home without knowing about the history and features of the attraction.

    We not only provide invaluable information to keep you one step ahead while you take up the journey but also provide the details of the transportation, accommodation, prospective places where you can have the authentic local food and also the thorough guidance of exploring the places.

  • We believe that Torquay is not just a place on the map of England but a place worth exploring, a place where the English Channel flows aimlessly, a place where the Ice Age animals and human beings co-existed and created the foundation of the civilization.

    We believe that this resort town has the potential to be in every traveler’s wish list, not because we love this place, but because this place has everything from historically rich cave systems to pristine beaches, native animals thriving along the reef system and an extravaganza of activities.

    Our team consists of people from all ages and all walks of life. Some of our members are students while some are avid travelers, some are retired while some lend their valuable time in between their full time job. We believe that together we can promote our hometown and show other what we feel blissful of.

  • Our mission is to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in Torquay so that when you visit here, you will feel like being at home. Just as we, at Palace Torquay feel at ease here, we aim to create the exact same ambience for all the tourists who visit for vacations or work related purpose.

    Be it a nature reserve or cave system, a zoo or a museum – we plan on covering all the popular attractions in our town and keep you amazed throughout your journey. We will be there for any help you require while visiting the places.

  • As proud inhabitants of Torquay, our vision for the town is that it becomes a popular destination to be considered but the quaint charms of the lifestyle and the natural beauty remains intact. Our vision is to reach out to more travel-maniacs, backpackers, vacationers and bohemians while helping them know our town better.

    Are you one of them? Well, we are always here to enrich your knowledge about the places, which we have experienced firsthand being the local inhabitants.

  • We have been offering accommodation and transportation details as well as details about places to have food and places to explore. In future too, we plan on increasing our database more so that you find no dearth of information before planning your itinerary.

    We would make sure that you get all the details regarding each attraction, its different zones to explore, the entry fee or timings, the hotels and eateries around and so on.

    Our objective is to make tourists feel connected to this beautiful town and let them explore the beaches, forests and streets at their own pace while they are aware of the information of the places.