The Ancient Cave Of Kents Cavern

Significant for the geological and archaeological features, the Kents Cavern in Torquay has been acknowledged as the Site of Special Interest (1952) as well as a Scheduled Ancient Monument (1957). Formed during early Pleistocene era by the aquatic force, the cave system has acted as home to around eight different native tribes who have settled in the British Isles.

While taking a pre-historic tour through the labyrinthine caverns, you will be enchanted to see the spectacular rock formations namely stalactites and stalagmites, which date back to over 400 million years.

Among the celebrated showcaves in Britain and also in Europe, this Stone Age cavern system will take you to a timeline journey to the Ice Age.

The development of Torquay in 21st century is not unknown, but the history of where the first stages of development started, is.

Know more about the development of Torquay in the 21st century. Here you will learn about the hardships the early men had to go through, how they sheltered themselves from the harsh weather conditions, how they invented and utilized fire, shaped tools for hunting and more.

Tour Times Of Kents Cavern

The cavern tours are offered frequent times a day throughout the year. While the café, restaurant and gift shop is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, the regular cave tours are offered from 10.30 AM till 4 PM. During holidays, the tours are not that regular but the operators make sure that you get the tour as frequently as possible so that none has to return disheartened.

The tours continue for around an hour and minimum two people are needed for the tour.

  • The Victorian excavation that took place for fifteen long years for unearthing some of the enchanting secrets in the heart of Britain will be unfolded in front of your eyes at the Kents Cavern when the efficient tour guide will tell the story. The tour will begin at Vestibule Chamber followed by the Long Arcade. With the interior temperature being at a continuous 14 degree centigrade, you will never feel uncomfortable.

    During the tour, the guide will tell and show you around to give you an insight of how about 2.5 million years earlier, the cavern was born, how the inhabitants during the Ice Age sheltered here and how the stalagmites on the floor were formed.

    The chamber of the Rockies looks stunning with both the stalactites and stalagmites decorating the floor and the ceiling.

    You will then be taken to the Clinnicks Gallery to visit the Labyrinth and Cave of Inscriptions where you will get the evidence of the hunting tools which were the earliest tools discovered in Britain as well as various teeth and bones of the animals from the Ice Age. The blackout of the Kents Cavern in the Bears Den has been an all-time popular to the visitors since 1930’s. The Great Chamber and the Water Gallery will also enthrall you with the interpretative exhibits regarding excavations in Victorian Age and Stone Age.

    The special attractions are:

    • Chandelier formation on ceiling at the Vestibule
    • Million year old river course and underground canyon at the Long Arcade
    • Strange cave formations, worshipped by the Romans at The Face
    • Huge Stalactites and Stalagmites at Organ Chamber off the beaten track
    • Hundreds of cave formations at the Rocky Chamber
    • Curtain formations and helictites at the Cavern End
    • Largest cave chamber and the Hyena Pit at Lecture Hall
  • Kids can get the activity sheets from the ticket desk to engage into activities like digging up shark teeth, fossils, gemstones and ammonites, getting tribal-themed face painting, cave painting with chalks, animal hunt around woodlands, hiking through nine Stone Age trails, hand painting on cave walls and taking the Cavog’s Riddle Quest.

    You can also take up the UNESCO Geopark Coastal Walk through limestone layers and rocky sections or the Babbacombe Coves and cliffs walk to visit the picturesque village of Torquay or ride the Cliff Railway which is beautifully restored. The walk starts from the opposite of Kents Cavern –Anstey’s Cove.