Torquay as the quaint seaside town in Devon is flanked by the English Channel on the south western fringe of England.

All About Torquay

History And Economic Growth

This place is significant both from the archaeological aspect as well as historical. Torquay has been a home to ancient people since Palaeolithic time.

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The Ancient Cave Of Kents Cavern

Among the celebrated showcaves in Britain and also in Europe, this Stone Age cavern system will take you to a timeline journey to the Ice Age.

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About Palace Torquay

From the beautiful beaches like Babbacombe to the Cliffside rugged landscape of Oddicombe – we are well acquainted with the nooks and corners of the town and so will you after you have a trip here.

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Tour Guides For First Time Travelers

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Aerial view of Torquay Harbour Back in 1960’s, the seaside town of Torquay was nothing more than a sleepy town where people enjoyed life at their own pace with hardly…

The Best Hotels To Stay

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Find comfort in the best hotels in Torquay As the crown jewel of the English Riviera, Torquay is famous for being a resort town in Devon, thanks to its wide…

Explore The Zoo And Aquarium Of Living Coasts

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Not only as an animal shelter but also as educational coastal zoo and aquarium dedicated towards conservation initiatives and educational programs for the visitors, the Living Coasts Zoo and Aquarium…

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