Tour Guides For First Time Travelers

Tour Guides For First Time Travelers

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Aerial view of Torquay Harbour

Back in 1960’s, the seaside town of Torquay was nothing more than a sleepy town where people enjoyed life at their own pace with hardly any tourist showing interest in their culture or rather their surroundings. However, in course of time, surfers of Australia has made it stand as a significant choice for enjoying Watersports and beachside activities while the history buffs have found a distinct place of attraction at the cavern system, which boasts of being as old as from the Ice Age.

Before you set out to make the best out of this resort town near the English Channel, a few things you should remember –

  • The Torbay area has three luxury resorts as well as a number of caravan sites where you can stay. Know more about the hotels in Torquay.
  • There are a number of public transport options like buses and private taxis for you to explore the beachside destinations and beyond. Boat, Steam Train and ferry service can also be great choices as they are quicker.
  • For food, there are a number of beachfront gastro pubs, cafeterias, ice-cream parlors and traditional tearooms offering local cuisine as well as continental and English breakfast
  • To catch the rawest essence of the town, it is better to plan the visit during seasonal festivals that are organized every year such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas and New Year, Bonfire and Fireworks
  • The cost of the hotels increase and availability reduces during the major events like England’s Seafood Feast, Pirate Festival, International Agatha Christie Festival, Torbay Airshow, Steam Fair, BrixFest, Paignton Festival and Occombe Festival.

The best time to visit Torquay is during summer but as it is flocked by a number of hippies and hooligans during the peak season, try planning during shoulder season i.e. during spring.