Explore The Zoo And Aquarium Of Living Coasts

Explore The Zoo And Aquarium Of Living Coasts 1200 800 Palace Torquay

Not only as an animal shelter but also as educational coastal zoo and aquarium dedicated towards conservation initiatives and educational programs for the visitors, the Living Coasts Zoo and Aquarium can be your prime option to watch creatures in their natural habitats. From penguins to seals, fish to otters, the marine species from around the world make this a perfect spot to get up close with the animals and learn about their characteristics as well as their contribution towards nature. As members of the European, British and World Associations, this zoo has won a number of awards for their successful works on conservation and breeding. Also, learn about The Ancient Cave Of Kents.

Zones To Explore

Home to more than hundreds of birds, mammals and marine creatures, the Coastal Zoo and Aquarium has the following zones to encounter the extraordinary fauna that thrives within.

Tor Bay Seaside

A view north across Tor Bay from Brixham

On the Penguin Beach, you will find the strutting penguins having their best time in the colony while the curious otters will be seen basking on rocks. The expert keepers will tell you about the animals and their behavior. While enjoying the panorama of the Tor Bay, you can watch the animals regardless of whether it is a dry or rainy weather.


Crossroad for Penguins!

Within the 5500 sq meters of area and fifty thousand cubic meters of volume, the aviary is home to more than three hundred bird species soaring over the sea and the natural habitats. Here you can watch the tufted puffins, Inca Terns, waders and guillemots thriving with their colony.



The mangrove plants hide a wide variety of animals.

As you come down the deck, the Mysterious Mangroves will stun you with the formidable rays and enormous octopuses. From the viewing window, you can watch the gliding and diving penguins, furiously paddling auk feet underwater and their cheerfulness in wading through the waves created by wave machine. With 3 meters depth, the penguins can practice their natural behavior of diving from Tor Bay to the sea water.

Exhibits Of Living Coast Zoo And Aquarium

The following exhibits of the zoo and aquarium will definitely keep you busy –

  • Penguin Beach
  • Waders Estuary
  • Auk Cliff
  • Mysterious Mangroves
  • Fur Seal Cove
  • Otter Rapids
  • Local Coasts
  • Octopus Odyssey

At these exhibits you will get to experience the animal encounters that will create lifetime memories. You can feed the African and Macaroni Penguins fresh fish or watch the seals as they become excited for their regular feeding time. The otter experience is all about watching them frolicking around and learning about them from up close. At Mangroves, you can also feed the majestic rays. The zookeeper experience and junior keeper experience will be fun for both you and your kids. There is also the Penguin Dive experience for those who have diving certificate. In this experience, you will dive in the marine water along with the penguins, swim beside them, feed them fish and more.

Apart from the animals, the site is also significant for the native and exotic plantation around the natural habitats such as South American flora at Fur Seal Cove, African flora at Penguin Beach, UK flora at Waders Estuary and grasses and shrubs at Otter Rapids.

What You Can Do At Torre Abbey?

What You Can Do At Torre Abbey? 1920 450 Palace Torquay

Torre Abbey in Torquay (Great Britain), exterior view

Dating back to the year 1196, the Torre Abbey started with a sheltered apex on the rich fertile land in close proximity with the sea. The Torre Abbey had every facet to establish the monastery for the Premonstratensian monks and in the course of time, it had become a monument acknowledged as an Ancient Scheduled Monument. From interactive displays to art exhibits, heritage rooms to galleries, interpretative videos to talking portraits –there are lots to see. As an added bonanza, you will also learn about the Georgian Cary Family, its emergence and downfall during more than hundreds of years.

What To Expect In Torre Abbey?

Featuring more than six hundred artworks dating back to the eighteenth century till date, the collection of Torre Abbey is sure to keep you hooked. Besides, the expansive gardens will definitely give you some tranquil moments after you have been acquainted with the historical aspects. Have a look –

Choir Of Resident Artists

Incorporating original songs and sounds, stories, local history and film

The residential Choral engineers of the Torre Abbey are part of the creative choir community which is led by the native composers namely Steve Sowden and Hugh Nankivell. New music and theatrical performances are created and staged regularly by the community. You can expect original stories, songs, film presentation and historical interpretation here.

800 Years Gallery

19th-century paintings in the permanent exhibition

Once used as servants’ bedrooms on the top floor of main house, the 800 Years Gallery is enough to make you understand about the historic development since the old days till the 21st century. Learn more about historical and economic growth of Torquay in twenty-first century. Here you will find interactive mix of displays related to portraits, historical objects, artwork and information panels which speak on behalf of the Torre Abbey history since 1196. 4 color coded sections focus on the part of surprising stories such as the hologram talking knight.

Art Galleries

Sculptures of Frederick Thrupp

TorBay & The Sea focuses on Torbay’s relationship with the sea as well as the naval and military heritage. British maritime art at the Call of the Sea Gallery, pencil sketches at the Burne-Jones Gallery, and Green and Pleasant Land Gallery are also among the popular galleries in the Torre Abbey. Dartmoor Gallery, Frederick Thrupp Gallery and Behind the Scene Gallery are also notable.


Torre Abbey Garden

Agatha Christie Potent Plants

The award-winning Torre Abbey garden has everything from dahlias to roses, herbaceous perennials and orchards set in the stunning landscape of the ruins. The Palm House has variegated sub-tropical and tropical plants, plumeria, pineapple, passionflower and bananas while the Arid House has collection of succulents and cacti.

The medieval garden with wattle fence, willow tunnels and turf seats look fascinating while the Walled Garden boasts of organic plantation and herbaceous perennials around the ruins. The best attraction however is the Agatha Christie Potent Plants where some of the poisonous and benign plants are planted such as sources of morphine and cyanide.

Besides, exploring the gardens and galleries at your own pace, you can also attend the family-friendly activities like dressing up in medieval attire, workshops, plant conservation programs etc.